the tipit team

We work hard to make tipit something that makes sense to its users, and get great ideas and additions to what we are building through the community. The core team that makes these changes happen is made up of the following people :


The tipit team loves their community and also loves some friendly competition. To date, we've entered 3 Hackathons, including the EOS San Francisco Hackathon. The tipit team believes that working as a team towards a goal and meeting others in the community is beneficial for all.

friends that share our vision

We are interested in creating new business relationships with people and teams that share our vision for a bright future using EOS and Tipit. Contact us if you are interested in getting involved.

Developers can use the API and trading standard to support other platforms and provide additional enhanced capabilities. Developers are also encouraged to participate in the soon-to-be open source project on github. Content providers can use the system to sell digital assets. Group admins can include the bot into their group to facilitate trading within the group. Advertisers can pay users to see ads, fill out surveys, provide coupons, and provide other services to promote their products within the platforms and targeted groups.