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Tipit is an innovative bot that allows users to freely and easily transfer, trade, airdrop, and donate eos based digital tokens & money (dtm) across multiple popular social platforms. It is truly an amazing application. -Jglake

Tipit allows a quick and easy way to send money to other people within popular platforms. Currently Tipit supports Discord, but is in development to support Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, FaceBook, phone texting, email and others. Tipit uses very simple commands to check balance, send money, send to everyone in group, and others.

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how to add tipit bot

Tipit is currently running in beta on the following platforms :

    Discord Use This link to add the bot to your server. You can restrict the bot to channels by using Discord roles. Telegram Just add @tipitbot to your channel. Twitter Tweet @tipitbot to send a tip to people in a reply. Check out our help page for more details.

digital tokens & money (dtm)

Tipit currently supports different tokens. We're supporting new dtm at a fast pace. If you want to get involved or have your dtm supported, contact us. Transactions made through Tipit are Not Private, but are totally transparent. All Tipit transactions are traceable. This is a link to our Disclaimer.


Tipit is currently in beta and initially available on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter with plans to implement on other systems such as Texting, Email and more. Get started on your favorite platform




Texting / SMS
In Development

In Development

In Development

In Development


We are interested in creating new business relationships with people and teams that share our vision for a bright future using EOS and Tipit. Contact us if you are interested in getting involved.